Test Your Insurance Knowledge

Multiple Choice

1. TRICARE was implemented for what type of individuals?

a. Secondary insurance for retired military personal with Medicare Part A & B

b. Surviving spouse or child of miliatry member who died in the line of duty

c. Active duty members of the uniformed services and their families

d. Spouse or child of vetern who has been rated permanently and totally disabled

2. This type of workers compensation would be a abnormal conditions or disorders caused by exposure to enviromental factors. Examples of these could be exposure to a chemical, inhalation, ingestion or direct exposure.

a. Industrial accident

b. Occupational illness

c. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

d. Federal Employment Liability Act

3. What is the name of the insurance that covers employees that resign, are laid-off, or has a reduction in hours and can continue with insurance coverage for 18-36 months?

a. Disability Insurance

b. Coordination of Benefits

c. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

d. Employer Group Health Plans

4. Which one of the following is not a TRICARE healthcare plan option?

a. TRICARE Prime

b. TRICARE Extra

c. TRICARE Active

d. TRICARE Standard


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