Financial Aid Information

Career Coders does not offer diploma
or degree programs, therefore we
are unable to offer Financial Aid.

Students need to obtain personal loans.

Career Coders Accepts: PayPal, Venmo or Bill Pay Direct through Chase Bank. Once enrollment has been received you will receive instructions on how to make your payment.

Personal Loans

There are companies you can call for personal school loans.  Ask for a personal loan, not a school loan, because Career Coders is not a Federal Accredited School and will not qualify for student loans.  You can call or apply online.

Colorado Work Force

Career Coders participates with Colorado Work Force,
Vocational Rehabilitation and Colorado TAA programs

WIA has mandatory eligibility requirements to access any type of financial assistance which may include low-income/unemployed applicants and/or workers who have been dislocated from their job due to no fault of their own. These requirements are mandatory by law and customers must move through a series of re-employment related services with their current skills sets before any potential training can be explored. This often takes weeks/months to occur.

Contact your local workforce representative to see if you qualify for Workforce assistance.

Out of State Workforce and Rehabilitation—Some states other than Colorado have also worked with Career Coders and assisted students financially for our programs.


Eligible educational institution. An eligible educational institution is a college, university, vocational school, or other postsecondary educational institution that is described in section 481 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as in effect on August 5, 1997, and that is eligible to participate in the Department of Education's student aid programs. This includes most accredited public, nonprofit, and private postsecondary institutions. Career Coders LLC is not an eligible educational institution for Federal education tax credit purposes.

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