Student Testimonials

Matt D.I moved to Colorado in 2007 and decided I wanted a career in coding because I had always had an interest in the medical field and with the times we're living in now, I knew there would always be a demand for coders with health care growing at such a tremendous rate, I figured this was for me because of the job security.

I began Mel's classes in January 2008 for medical billing and coding, basic anatomy and medical terminology. I passed all of these with honors (thanks to Mel's determination to make her students understand every specific). I then decided to take the Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC) course to help me pass the AAPC's CPC national exam and knowing after completion of this course, I would NOT need 2 years of experience in the field to remove my apprenticeship from my CPC but only 1.

Now I am no longer CPC-A after being fortunate enough to be hired by a company that let's you work from home, choose your own hours, days you want to work and how many chart to complete each day. With no clinical experience under my belt, it was difficult at first to complete at least 150 charts a week but with everything Mel had drilled into us on coding guidelines, I hit my required 95% correct coding average within a month. Now the company has me coding for 2 hospitals in two different states. I have never had such job security.

Medical billing and coding isn't for everyone as I have witnessed. You have to have determination and the drive. I have realized that coding is easy. It's understanding and the appliance of the coding guidelines and the use of modifiers that can be a headache in the beginning.

If you decide to enter into this field and after beginning you start to have doubts, the most important thing is to NOT give up, just go to Mel with your issue/s as I did and she will help you with her 30+ years of coding experience and before you know it, it will click and the light will go on.

Mel couldn't have been a better instructor or friend during all the training. I still consult with her sometimes when I have a question. She will always be there to help in your time of need because unlike a LOT of instructors I've had in my life, she really does care about you succeeding in this field.

All my love to ya, Mel, you turned my life around; and for once I have a career that I LOVE.

— Matt D., CPC
Graduate of Career Coders School


Alison S.After being a stay at home mom for 12 years, I decided to make a dream come true and become educated in Medical Billing and Coding. After doing some research, I found Melody Irvine. I knew immediately she would be the person that would teach me everything I would need to know.

At first, I was uneasy on how I was going to tackle my busy household, classes and homework. Mel's on-line teaching, her organization, and the way she describes each step, made it easier for my busy life. She is an expert! Mel is always there for her students, during and after class times.

Mel stays on top of the law and changes within the medical field. Her students trust her. Mel has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable. She is relaxed and caring, which makes the environment comfortable to learn and work in. Mel is professional, passionate, and loves what she does. She is not only skilled and supportive, but I found her very encouraging to her students and only coaches them for success!

— Alison S.
Graduate of Career Coders School


Sharon G.For many years I had worked in medical offices in various front office roles. When my last employer retired, I was unsuccessful in a job search, either because I felt over-qualified or I didn't have the credentials. I researched options of learning medical coding, including looking at schools offering 2-year programs. When I checked into Melody's website and spoke with Melody regarding her school at Career Coders, I clearly knew it was the best choice for me.

The program through Career Coders offers instruction of completely applicable knowledge that is needed in a real-working job. The courses require diligence in studying, though all material covered is relevant. Melody has an engaging approach to teaching which is punctuated with her high level of hands-on experience. I successfully passed the Certified Professional Coding test on my first attempt. More than that, I was offered a coding position with a family practice group before my courses and test were completed. I feel secure in my profession, and enjoy knowing that I can continue to pursue further training and even additional certifications. Thanks Mel!

— Sharon G., CPC
Graduate of Career Coders School


Louis K.After graduating college I went through a couple of manual labor jobs from machinist to electrician to the oilfield trying to find my niche in the world. I was never afraid of doing hard work but I felt my talents and intelligence were not being put to good use. My last job in the oilfield ending in my being laid off along with half the crew that I worked with. I was denied unemployment and after numerous job applications with no reply I didn't know what to do with myself. My mom took coding classes from Mel before I did and her coding certification allowed her to move up at her job with a local medical clinic. We decided that I should give coding a shot.

Mel is like no other teacher I have ever had before. She is extremely patient and very knowledgeable. The classes were all online so there was no travel needed nor was there any interruption in classes when Mel was out of town. If you had no previous medical knowledge (such as myself) Mel made sure to explain anything so it made sense.

The true testament of her abilities as a teacher and the success of her program is how after two classes I was able to pass the coding test on my first try. Thanks to Mel and Career Coders I am now working for a major health care network and for the first time I feel like I have a career instead of a job. If a prospective student is reading my testimony understand that you need to look no further, Mel and Career Coders will get you into a better career before you know it. Thank you Mel.

— Louis K., CPC
Graduate of Career Coders School


When I suddenly lost my job of 24 years as a Lead Administrative Support Staff I was devastated. While job searching I thought I would never land a good job again with all the competition out there. This life changing situation motivated me to improve my skills to make me more marketable in my job search. I had always been interested with how diagnosing codes and the billing side worked at my previous place of employment, but was never given the opportunity to explore this area of the job.

After some soul searching and research with several on-line classes I decided to take Mel's Medical Billing and Coding Class. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much about billing and coding and how it all comes together. It took diligence and hard work but it was worth it. Mel is so genuine and is always there to help no matter how irrelevant or difficult the issues you may have about an assignment. Like other classes the live class experience makes all the difference, as Mel helps you step by step with each class. She also makes the class interesting and her sense of humor makes it fun. I completed the class with honors and it gave me the confidence and it proved you can "teach an old dog new tricks."

I recently was offered a job with Banner Health in Greeley and will be working as an Admission Representative, which will require billing and coding skills. I feel like I would not have gotten my foot in the door without Mel's class. Thanks Mel, you're awesome!

— Gloria F.
Graduate of Career Coders School


With several years of experience in dental, quality control, ISO auditing, business and medical, I knew there had to be a direction in the medical career to use all my experiences. I really wanted to focus on medical auditing. When I reached Career Coders website I deceided to call Mel. I explained my focus being auditing and at that time I was an office manager for a sole practioner. She took the time to listen to me and advised me to take her medical billing course first, and then coding, after completing those classes I would be qualified to advance to an auditing class. After speaking with Mel, I could hear the passion in her voice for educating people in the coding and auditing profession.

I was very pleased with the courses, while I was taking her classes I was also using what I was being taught. The cirrculum was direct, and covered everything needed to apply on a daily basis in a medical office. I completed medical billing, coding and auditing with Career Coders. I am still an office manager, but now I code four hours a day and audit progress notes monthly. Currently I am working on my education for a compliance officer. I would hightly recommend Career Coders for anyone that would like to be a professional medical biller, coder or auditor. Mel is the BEST.

— Cindi C.
Graduate of Career Coders School

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